Scam Alert Platform: A scam report and campaign site

Role: User Experience (UX) Designer, User Interface (UI) Designer, Interaction Designer

Duration: 6 weeks


Scam Alert is a platform for reporting scam events and also check if someone you want to deal with online is not a scammer.

It also focuses on being the guide and support, offering content that can help the general public to learn about latest scamming activities and how to stay safe while transacting online.

Scam Alert is a platform build to help general masses in Nigeria stay self in any transaction.

The problem

There is one major problem occuring in Nigeria every month, which is thousands of people getting scammed online in Nigeria.

And with the advancement in technology, there is still no technical way to confirm if a person is legit or have scammed other people in the past. Not only does is create dought within parties transacting online, it also create a set back in buying stuff online, as

a buyer can’t ascertain if a seller or website is legit, or have scammed other people.
verify if a bank detail have been use for scamming others.

The proposed solution

Due to the continuous increase in scamming activities, Scam Alert was born.

Scam Alert is a scan report and detail verification site that can help Nigerians report scamming activities, verify website, person, bank detail – all to prevent other citizens from been victimized.

Scam Alert will be using publicly submitted data as well as public opinion to fight against online scam. We believe scam Alert will likely help reduce the number of scam happening in Nigeria.

The platform primarily focused on residential in Nigeria, with a future plan to expand to other countries.

Information Architecture

We created an information architecture to reflect user progress from the landing page to the functionalities of the platform and some other functions. Below is the IA for user.

The Design layout

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