Some selected projects

Deliberate Christian

WordPress site

Here is a Online fellowship website we setup & design for Deliberate Christian to calls the unsaved to salvation and nurtures believers to  consciously depend on God’s grace.

HH Network

WordPress NGO site

Here is a n NGO website we setup & design for HH Network to provide a platform where they can assist many people out of poverty, hunger, sickness, ignorance, and wasted life.


UIUX Website Design

Here is a goto ecommerce store we design for JerseyWorld to help them get their foot print online and provide convenient jersey shopping for Africans.


WordPress Blog

Here is a blog we setup & design for Ondecktrivia to provide baby boomers with everything they need to know about their generation and more.


UXUI Webapp design

Here is a GPT-3 base webapp platform and plugin we design to help designers get easy access to gpt-3 powered microcopy generator.


UXUI website design

Here is a plagiarism detector site we design to help bloggers, students and content writers check their content to discover plagiarized piece.

LIAM Health

WordPress site

Here is a website we setup & design for LIAM Health to provide evidence base clinicial care for people in New York & other countires


WordPress Ecommerce site

Here is a goto secommerce store we setup & design for AfricanaVilla to help Africa families in Massachusetts get the best and freshest produce at the best price possible! 

Scam Alert

UIUX Website design

Here is a web platform we collaborated with Texttox to help setup to provide an avenew for Nigerians to report scammers.

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